Hi, I'm Frankie and I'm the founder of The Rubbish Fashion Company, a responsible and transparent solution to producing clothes.

When I first started to present a more responsible way of producing clothing to the high-street retailers we all love, I was told it's not possible, it's boring and 'the customer doesn't care'. 

Talking about 'sustainability' and actually doing something about it, are two very different things. So I decided to set up my own brand TOBEFRANK - to prove that I can make clothing in a better way, it's not boring - and that the customer does in fact care.

One year on and through a global pandemic my brand is still standing (can't say the same for myself). I have also now opened up our supply chain to produce other brands production. From fibre to warehouse, innovation to fair wages, all with a tracked impact showing our footprint and highlighting areas to improve.

Fast fashion causes so much pollution, not to mention the shitty wages across the supply chain. But the truth is, Fast fashion will not disappear overnight. Most people (myself included) cannot afford to buy a lot of the planet friendly brands out there and clothing has become a way to express our identities. Charity shops, renting and clothes swaps are great - but this doesn't help the people currently dependent on our supply chain. So a solution needs to be made. I am certainly not ballsy or delusional enough to claim my company is the answer. BUT I do believe that by combining science with fashion, we have created an attainable solution for the high street.

This year the UK media uncovered the criminal behaviour of some fast fashion brands, from refusing to pay for orders to allowing slave labour in their factories. Fast fashions mask has finally started to fall off, the cracks are started to show and their loyal shoppers are starting to walk away.

Shoppers are smart cookies and they are starting to look deeper into brands before shopping, more customers are asking where their clothes came from and what natural resources were used. They are seeing through the bullshit marketing claims. 

I started on this mission because I truly believe that the fashion industry can change for the better.  My mission is now being supported by large brands who are using us to produce their production in the responsible and transparent way we do things. 

This pandemic has shown us we are not untouchable, we are dependent on so much for our basic survival and we need to take better care of our home and the people in it. We have been hiding away from the side effects of our modern world for so long. It’s time stand up, take the responsibility and change!

Spread the word, fast fashion is going planet friendly.

Love & Peace,