All Innovation.

When we hear stories about the fashion industry being bad for the environment, our first reaction is to throw that new coat away and never shop again. But human beings weren’t born with fur, so we need that delicious coat to keep warm (and look fabulous). So instead - we need to change the way fashion is made.

All fabric will impact on the environment, but using fabrics which don’t drain our natural resources can make a big difference. At TRFC, if a fabric we like has a negative impact on people or the environment, we need to figure out how to make its impact positive before using it.

We believe every process in the supply chain needs to be improved. It’s not about cutting anything out completely, its about looking at all the impacts. Our design process normally starts with fabric development. We work closely with our colleagues in Turkey to come up with new ideas and interesting developments. We make clothing through unusual processes and have modernised the medieval process of food waste dying.

It's about problem solving.

More on innovation coming soon....