When you first hear the words ‘rubbish’ or ‘recycled’ you may automatically think bad quality. This isn't always true. We originally built our platform by producing our own brands fabrics made from previous productions that would normally be bagged up and put into landfill. These materials have never been used and even touched, yet they are deemed as ‘waste’. We do not. So we recycle it all to make it into something new.


When making our recycled cotton and polyester we work with a recycling plant in Istanbul. This recycling plant takes in 800 tonnes of unwanted fabric cuttings every month - cuttings that would normally go into landfill. This unwanted fabric is the off-cuts from production runs and has never been used, washed or worn. The recycling plant breaks the unused fabric down into fibre and re-spins it. New fabric is then created by either being knitted or woven. As well as cotton, we also use recycled polyester fabrics. Even the dust from the recycling plant is given to a nearby chimney company.

Our pocket bags are made from recycled cotton and polyester fabric. The warp is recycled cotton and the weft is recycled polyester. When the day comes, this fabric can be recycled again into something new.


We work with a trim producer in Istanbul who works with some very well known brands. They make buttons, studs and zips for this brand. The process of making metal trims mean that nearly 60% of the metal is left in the mould which is then wasted and thrown in the bin. This (to the request of the brands) is not used again in their production. This metal is perfectly good metal, so we use it.


We use recycled thread when the fabric is recycled. We use Coats Epic EcoVerde thread, it’s a 100% recycled premium polyester corespun sewing thread that has been precisely engineered to create durable thread without using new virgin polyester.

Our thread is also GRS certified which is the ‘Global Recycling standard’ certification. Also, it is certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I.