What is this all about.

This is about fashion being made properly! It's about the whole supply chain, it's about people, the environment and it's about how WE ALL look after what we have. This company is created to change the fashion industry. We create, source, manage, and track the whole supply chain, ensuring the impact is controlled and every pieces is made as responsible as possible. We are not claiming that what we do is the best and only way - we are however - claiming that as human beings we have a responsibility to do good in everything we do. Many people are doing their bit, whether it’s not using plastic, protesting about climate change, or campaigning for women’s equality - it’s beautiful and it’s changing the world for the better. Fashion is the way we can do our bit. Working in a sustainable and ethical way is an ever-changing process and we are hear to learn and change.

We make your clothes better.

Our rules.

  1. Every process is based on ITR, Innovation, Transparency and Responsibility. Each section needs to be covered at every point.
  2. We will not use virgin polyester or conventional cotton.
  3. We cannot make something which in our eyes isn’t sustainable. For example, we won’t use 80% recycled polyester and 20% virgin polyester.
  4. We are very careful with what we claim. We will not use plastic and call it 'vegan'. We only claim what we can factually prove
  5. Be open to learning and understand that was is deemed 'sustainable' now, might not be the solution next week.


Where economic development uses up environmental resources, this creates environmental degradation, which in turn undermines economic development. Poverty is still a major cause of global environmental problems and it would be impossible and nonsensical to try to solve the worlds environmental issues without looking at the bigger picture and tackling the global issue of inequality and poverty.

We believe sustainability is to maintain and conserve three elements in perfect harmony: environmental, social and economical.

ENVIRONMENT. We strive to minimise the ecological impact when sourcing raw materials, designing production processes, assessing water consumption and planning transport and logistics.

SOCIAL. This isn’t just about corporations and business paying minimum wages and providing jobs, it’s about paying an employee their worth - living wages, promotions and the chance of career development. It’s also about understanding the impact a business has on a community and making sure it's a positive impact instead of negative.

ECONOMIC. It is positive development if socially politically and environmentally it is beneficial to take advantage of new opportunities. The supply chain needs to see profit from start to finish for this industry to truly thrive.

Sustainability isn’t about stopping production. It’s about looking at the impact and taking the responsibility to find ways to improve.

Our values

If all we cared about was the environment then we should all stop wearing clothes altogether. No production is 0% harmful to the environment. At some point in the production, no matter how good our intentions are, we are taking from the earth. If we want the pollution to stop and the trees to keep growing we should stop all development and just let the earth do it’s thing.

But we don’t just care about the environment, we care about people too. We care that people are happy and healthy, that they are warm and earning money and we care that they are treated well and thriving. As people we are intelligent buggers and we cannot just sit and look at the clouds - it’s in our nature to create.

When fashion is done properly it’s a safe, inspiring industry for people to work in. But sadly that’s not the case in every factory. Workers can be treated badly, exploited and paid so poorly they can’t afford to buy food. According to Bloomberg’s research, if we paid workers living wages it would add only 1% to the average retail price.


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